Amplify R&D Expertise with Cognitive Search & Analytics

R&D is the epicenter of an organization, whether within a large aircraft manufacturer or a leading automobile company looking to develop cutting edge products and services or a pharmaceutical company accelerating time-to-market for new drugs or a CPG company reinventing waning products.

R&D thrives on information: customer information, expert information, product information, scientific information, market information, and competitive information. To be at the forefront of innovation, R&D departments need complete visibility into both new and historical information across the entire enterprise as well as access to research from external public and premium information services. This is no easy feat in today’s world where we are inundated with data — more data, more opportunities and more challenges. As a result, many companies depend on Cognitive Search & Analytics (CS&A) solutions to:

Accelerate delivery of innovative products to market
Optimize and manage available resources and knowledge while leveraging intellectual property
Devise methods to reduce product development costs and eliminate re-work
Improve product compliance both internally and externally
Understand consumer and market demands and improve responsiveness
Resolve product issues quickly and efficiently to gain and keep customer trust

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“Leveraging Cognitive Search & Analytics to Amplify Research and Development


The demands on R&D
How Cognitive Search & Analytics helps
Rapid retrieval of information makes the difference
Real-world examples and use cases

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