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Webcast - The Secret behind How Leading Organizations are Becoming Information-Driven

Becoming information-driven enables key stakeholders within an organization to leverage all available enterprise data and content to gain the best possible understanding of the meaning & insights it carries. Connecting enterprise data along topical lines across all available sources provides people with the collective knowledge and expertise of the organization in context. This is especially valuable for data-intensive companies that are geographically dispersed with lots of content in multiple data repositories. By connecting people with relevant knowledge and expertise, the overall performance of the organization increases.

This webcast will cover how Sinequa’s AI-powered search solution is enabling companies across a wide range of industries to quickly become information-driven to stay ahead of the competition.

In this 40-minute session, Scott Parker, Director of Product Marketing, discusses:

  • The challenges preventing data-intensive organizations from becoming "Information-Driven"
  • How Insight Engines help organizations solve these challenges and multiply the business benefits
  • The current state and the future of Insight Engines

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