COVID Intelligent Insight

Let's Fight COVID-19 Together 

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Sinequa has dedicated our time and technology to create a scientific research tool called COVID Intelligent Insight.  The goal is to help scientific and medial professionals surface insights and analyze information across the many sources of rapidly evolving scientific research papers and publications so that you can sift through all the content and get the information you need quickly.

You can access the portal by visiting:

The portal allows you to:

  • Quickly find and discover information relevant to your work by intelligently searching the entire text of scientific literature using semantic, clinically aware terminology
  • Navigate enriched document views to immediately find terms and concepts of interest
  • Analyze information through visualizations and navigate across relevant extracts

Using COVID Intelligent Insight


Accessing the Portal

With a repository of over 70,000 papers, articles, and publications, Sinequa's COVID Intelligent Insight is an open, free, and collaborative scientific search portal.

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Navigating the Portal

We've put together a brief video that quickly explains the best ways to navigate Sinequa's COVID Intelligent Insight research tool you can optimize the tool to suit your needs. 

Watch Our Live Demo

Watch a live demo to show the best way to navigate the portal, see the full functionality and better understand how to optimize the portal to suit your needs.

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We're Technologist, Not Doctors.  Give Us Your Feedback


Your feedback will guide our efforts as we continue to optimize COVID Intelligent Insight.  We're not doctors or scientists so we need your help.  

We ask you for:

  • Feedback to Improve: Please email us at [email protected]
  • Additional Resources: What content would be most valuable to you? 
  • Raising Awareness: Please share this portal with others who will find it useful

If you have had the opportunity to navigate our portal or want to give input now, please fill out this brief survey

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