Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Drive Innovation, Accelerate Research and Shorten Drug Time-to-Market

The Biopharma industry deals with very large amounts of very diverse data: from scientific research data in pharmacology, medicine, biology, genetics and chemistry, via statistical data, clinical trials data to regulatory data, patient information and even social media data (with “the voice of patients”). There is structured data from internal and external databases and unstructured data from documents, images and videos.

As a leading pharmaceutical or life sciences organization, do these challenges sound familiar to you?

Speed up submission of New Drug Applications to dramatically reduce costs for new drugs development
Make educated decision to continue or stop drug trials based on all clinical trial data available
Provide researchers a unified access across the entire organization to all structured and unstructured data while respecting information governance and security
Foster cooperation in R&D, Drive innovation, accelerate research, catalyze drug repositioning and shorten Drug Time-to-Market

How Do Sinequa's Life Science Customers Address these Challenges?

Sinequa’s Life Sciences customers deliver the highest return on investment by gaining valuable insights from hundreds of millions of documents as well as billions of database records available in internal and external trade sources. They use Cognitive Search and Analytics to:
Identify networks of experts and Key Opinion Leaders on any given subject
Find the most suitable scientific partners
Provide researchers with the latest scientific information in their fields, with automatic alerts
Access and discover research trends via this information
Get information on drugs and diseases starting from chemical structures
Offer an enterprise-wide information portal to all employees
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Organizations Select Sinequa to:

Extract relevant information from large volumes of complex data
Quickly establish network of experts and improve cooperation
Transform growing clinical trials data into valuable assets
Accelerate research and catalyze drug repositioning
Respect information governance & security
Streamline regulatory affairs and shorten Time-to-Market

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