The Challenge of Transforming Financial Data into Actionable Information

More than ever, leading banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies depend on data to make actionable decisions. They also rely on data to deliver the insightful results for clients that result in increasing revenue streams. In order to address these challenges, they need to be agile, innovative and responsive to evolving customer needs.

Customers expect a corresponding 360° view of all their business with a financial institution to:

Deliver the customer experience that provides more value and meet rapidly customers’ evolving expectations
Drive increased sales with optimized and targeted marketing campaigns: i.e. cross-sell, up-sell etc.
They also expect that access to be intuitive and from any device they have on hand, especially when mobile. Meeting these changing customer and business requirements demands an IT platform that delivers superior agility, flexibility and scalability.

Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Banking and Financial Organizations

Transform Financial Data into Actionable Insight

Sinequa’s Cognitive Insight platform helps leading financial institutions create instant 360° views of customers, portfolios, investment targets, contracts, financial performance, and any other subject linked to their business. They can do so across all business units – from banking to insurance, leasing, property management, asset management, and beyond.

Sinequa provides intuitive and unified information access across all internal and external data sources, including customer contracts, insurance claims, payment history, email communications, CRM data, policies and processes and more. Employees no longer need to know where data is stored in which format or how to access it.

Financial Organizations Use Sinequa Cognitive Search & Analytics Platform to:

Analyze, structure and categorize all available data
Get actionable insight from the most diverse data sources
Obtain instant 360° views on customers, portfolios, investment targets, contracts, financial performance, etc.
Detect fraudulent activities and prevent money laundering
Push targeted up sell and cross sell offers and reduce customer churn

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