Big Projects on Track: Using Intelligent Search for Operational Excellence in Manufacturing

Learn how one of the largest rolling stock manufacturers in the world achieves operational excellence, decreases risks and achieves business objectives by leveraging Sinequa's AI-powered search & analytics platform to:

Increase efficiency of 25,000 knowledge workers amounting to savings of about €45M annually.

Find networks of experts to create project teams faster speeding time to delivery and lowering cost.

Obtain a 360° view of parts to find usable parts from the company and/or its suppliers, avoiding redundant parts manufacturing.

Find relevant proposal content for reuse extracted from many, often very large proposals.

Speed up project execution and increase profitability.

Reduce legal claims and liabilities by easily accessing relevant contractual and legal commitments as they evolve over time.

Download the Business Solution: Big Projects on Track now to learn how your organization can achieve operational excellence by keeping big projects on track

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