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Financial Services Organizations: Extracting Powerful Insights with AI-Powered Platforms

Financial services organizations (FSOs) are inundated with data that cannot readily provide insights if not leveraged for information. As a result, FSOs can benefit from implementing artificial intelligence (AI)-powered platforms.

How Sinequa Helps Financial Services Organizations Unlock the Potential of their Data

IDC Spotlight - CoverFinancial services organizations (FSOs) today collect and maintain an abundance of data, both structured and unstructured. For most of these organizations, data can be a double-edged sword. Collecting and maintaining increased amounts of data related to customers and portfolios can provide tremendous opportunities to increase revenue and reduce risk, yet at the same time, too much data can be a cognitive drain on analysts and knowledge workers. Increasing stores of data require FSO stakeholders to organize and search their data in ways that allow analysts to extract information and meaningful insights. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help FSOs mature from being data-driven to being information-driven. Enabling knowledge workers to efficiently derive meaningful information and insights from big data transforms FSOs into information-driven organizations.


  • FSOs continue to deal with regulatory pressures around data management.
  • First-generation content search and analytics solutions have not relieved the cognitive burden on FSO knowledge workers.


  • AI-powered platforms extract information and insights from data, even unstructured data.
  • FSOs must improve their capabilities to derive information and insights from the data they possess.

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